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Waste collection and treatment

MWM provides collection and treatment services for all kinds of waste for customers located at all bases and most ports along the coast of Norway. Regardless of location, waste will be collected, recycled and treated in accordance to current legislation. We ensure that waste is disposed of safely and in compliance with the strictest local, state and federal standards. MWM tracks all waste which is delivered. This means that we can monitor the waste streams and provide details for each delivery.

Tank cleaning

MWM offers tank cleaning and industrial cleaning of all kinds of bulk tanks on vessels, oil rigs and landbased activities; eg risers, drill pipes etc.

Containers and sorting equipment

MWM offer a wide range of containers to suit your need, ranging from offshore skips, compactors and onshore containers to wheelie bins. We ensure a reliable and prompt collection service.

Drill Waste

MWM can receive drill cuttings in closed skips. Skips is to be unloaded at base quay and MWM will pick up skips and transport them to national treatment facility. Oil emulsions from drilling and oil based drilling fluid is to be received directly from vessels bulk tanks, into MWM`s tank plant at the base.

Advisory services

MWM has a longstanding experience and expertise in waste management, collection equipment and tank cleaning for the offshore industry. We offer expertise within this fields both offshore and onshore. Our experts can develop waste management systems on- or offshore, offer advisory services within waste reduction and reuse, assisting in handling of problematic waste types etc etc